Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hollywood takes the Rage out Jackson

The much anticipated battle at UFC 114 between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans wasn’t quite the “World War” it was cracked up to be but there were several engaging moments and the pure hatred between them made for a great atmosphere, but it was clear that Jackson’s brief hiatus as BA Baracus clearly affected his performance. Evans was able to maneuver Jackson where he wanted him and forced him to fight his kind of fight, on the mat, where he could outwork his opponent without fear of the one strike that could slip in and turn the fight. It’s no secret that Evans’ main weapon are his wrestling skills and his ability to inflict is will really neutralized Jackson, reducing him to an excuse filled ex-champion. “I focused really hard and I trained really hard on this fight, but me having this damn movie and everything -- I kind of almost regret doing the damn movie now,” said Jackson. “There was so much pressure. (20th Century) Fox kind of threatened to sue me if I lost and everything because they didn’t know I was fighting.” So now he’s pissed off the brass in Hollywood so he won’t be working (acting) any time soon, and Evans will probably move on to take on Shogun so he won’t get his shot at redemption in the ring any time soon as well. Meanwhile Evans will look to the light heavyweight division for another title where he lost only one fight in his 4 1/2-year career, but Evans has yet to face a fighter like Rua -- who engages with a lightning fast, chaotic speed. I don't think Evans will be able to implement his typical game plan of clinching and wrestling, with a sprinkle of striking thrown in for good measure. This might have worked with slower-paced fighters like Forrest, Rampage and Thiago Silva, but he'll certainly have trouble dealing with Shogun's quickness. As far as Rampage (and Chuck Liddell) are concerned this is a testimony to the fact that you can’t do this part time, because there’s too many fighters that are poor and hungry and want to stop eating spam out of a can, and want the cameo’s, cars, money and fame. If you have what it takes to get into Gekko’s office you can’t let up once you get to the top. Frankly, RJ using the A-Team as an excuse makes him look like a punk b%^*@. He knew he had a war on his hands and simply didn’t put the time in and got worked. This was about sellin’ out for the pay day, and you got it, so man up, say you’ll train harder next time, and set up round 2. But to first blame it on your shooting schedule and the demands of your film company sounds like Lindsay Lohan trying to get out of rehab. C’mon Page, you’re better than that. So will we see a rematch or now that Evans has all the clout he needs will he move on and pursue another belt? Does Chucky make a comeback in 115? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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