Sunday, August 3, 2008

Condit catches Miura late and escapes with title

Hiromitsu Miura lay motionless on the canvas, too exhausted to rise to his feet. A few feet away, Carlos Condit stood hunched over, struggling to catch his breath. In a four-round extravaganza that could be a candidate for Fight of the Year, a battered Condit had just narrowly escaped defeat and retained his WEC championship belt. Miura violently slammed the champ with judo throws, pounded him with punches, and pushed his cardio to the brink with impressive submission defense and reversals. Every time Condit thought he had Miura on the ropes – with an armbar, or a rear-naked choke, or the mount, or the beatdown position – the so-called “Last Samurai” always found a way to escape, reverse the position and rain down punches on Condit. Miura rocked Condit with a hard flurry in the fourth round but Condit stunned him with a knee to the chin, dropping the Japanese challenger to his knees. Condit instantly moved to a side position and, rather than go for the rear naked choke, he fired away punches on Miura’s face. Miura never intelligently defended and the referee halted the action at 4:43 of the fourth round. This was a surprise as we thought Condit was due to be upset and almost was because if it went to the cards we'd have a new champion,but as always in MMA one careless moment can cost you everything and in Miura’s case it did.

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