Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sean Sherk's suspension reduced to six months/smacchat top 10

The Sean Sherk-California State Athletic Commission saga ended Tuesday when the Commission reduced Sherk's suspension from twelve months to six while upholding his $2,500 fine for testing positive for Nandrolone following his win over Hermes Franca in July.
UFC lightweight champion Sherk will face the winner of the UFC 80 interim title bout between BJ Penn and Joe Stevenson at a later date to determine the undisputed UFC champion.

If you like speed, skill, and discipline then the feathers are the division for you. Don't get us wrong there's much to be said for one-punch power, but we get that with boxing, there's something to be said when kicks come at you as fast/faster than a left jab! Here's the Smacchat top-10. Let us know what you think on the blog or in the chat room.

1. Akitoshi Tamura
2. Takeshi Inoue

3. Masakazu Imanari
4. Urijah Faber
5. Antonio Carvalho
6 Jeff Curran
7. Yoshiro Maeda
8. Tenkei Fujimiya
9. Jong Man Kim
10. Hatsu Hioki


Anonymous said...


He was still found guilty, IMO the UFC should take thebelt away from him.

Anonymous said...

i agree. technically he won the belt by cheating.

however he won't be stripped cos now dana can market another champion vs champion like he said he would

Anonymous said...

Here is a nice little twist. Last week, CSAC changed the format of the hearing. Sean can no longer present evidence or cross-examine the CSAC's witnesses. All he can do is give a personal and closing statement. All of this coincidentally occurs shortly after they get Sean's brief which pokes numerous holes in the CSAC's case.

I feel bad for Sherk. All he wanted was to have a fair chance to present his side. Now he doesn't even get that. Sean has worked hard his whole life and has a distain for cheaters. In spite of this, his reputation is tarnished and he isn't even allowed to present his side in an advesarial manner.

Anonymous said...


Yup. That's exactly what will happen. The commission will "convict him" with a sentence of time already served - letting them save face for their ****ed up handling of his case, and still leaving Sherk with an "out" for public judgement.

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